3 Idiots


3 Idiots is not as popular as Slumdog Millionaire that won eight out of ten Academy Awards. And the hype is not so big at the beginning, since it’s only showed at Blitzmegaplex. But, really, this movie has inspired so many people, especially for Jakarta movie goers J. It is proven by “fully booked” studio at Pacific Place (PP) Blitzmegaplex on daily basis and yet till 22 Feb 2010, according to @Blitzmegaplex twitter, 3 Idiots still at no 1 on the PP Box office (after being extended for 1 week)

So, what are the messages and values inside in this movie?
Ehm… I try to list them down below to remember that this movie was GREAT.

  1. It’s all about your PASSION, PASSION and PASSION.
    Be excited with your Passion and embrace it.
    (Be Bold as Rancho)
  2. Follow your excellence and success will follow you.
    As long as we always do the best, we never regret and will find the happiness.
    (Be Happy as Farhan, chasing his excellence in photograph)
  3. Don’t be afraid.
    When you follow your passion, never fear of something in your future. No pressure and no worries, just move forward.
    (Release the burdens as Raju)
  4. You can’t be right all the time.
    Yes, we have to admit that we did, do and will do some mistakes. The important thing is learning from those mistakes.
  5. Never Quit!
    There is always solution in every problem we face.
  6. Love your Parents.
    Your Family is everything.
  7. Friendship is forever.
    It’s always nice to know that we are not alone. 
  8. System is just a System.
    System has been made to make things in an order. But when the system makes us inflexible and hurts so many people, then it’s time to re-work or revise the system, to make it better.
  9. Be Humble, Inspire and Give Positive Impact to others
    When we are ready and capable enough, share your spirit to everyone.
  10. Last but not least… ALL IS WELL 🙂

Embrace Your Passion, Live a Life of Action, Build Our Nation
by ReneCC

One thought on “3 Idiots

  1. hiks, aq barusan nonton nyo, sedih + kocak + menggugah, koq isok onok film india koyok ngono….
    opo maneh suasana persahabatan nang 3 idiots sungguh kental, dadi iling lagune project pop yg km senangi dulu : “ingatlah hari ini” ^^

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